Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Balance transfer credit cards allows you to transfer your existing credit card balance and repay at a much lower rate for a set period. Some balance transfer credit cards offer a balance transfer rate of as low as 0% but only for a set period. Once the balance transfer period lapses you will be charged at the normal purchase rate of the credit card so it is worth taking into account also the purchase rate of the credit card.

Compare Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Please verify details again on the credit card provider's site before purchasing.

Card Description Purchase Rate (p.a.) Cash Rate (p.a.) Balance Transfer Interest Free Days Annual Fee Apply
Westpac Low Interest MasterCard Westpac's Low Interest MasterCard offers a very low interest rates plus 5.95% on balance transferred. 12.95% 22.45% 5.95% Up to 55 days $65 Apply for the Westpac Low Interest MasterCard
BNZ Visa Lite Credit Card
BNZ Lite Visa
Low purchase rate and an option not to pay off all your credit card balance at the end of the month. 13.25% 22.20% 5.99% Up to 55 days $60 Apply for the ANZ Visa Gold or ANZ Gold MasterCard Credit Cards
Kiwibank mastercard zero credit card Kiwibank MasterCard Zero Pay No-annual Fee if you use your credit card at least once every three months. 15.90% Not stated 2.99% Up to 55 days $0 Apply for the Kiwibank mastercard zero credit card
BNZ Platinum Visa Credit Card
BNZ Platinum Visa
Earn 1 Platinum Rewards point for every $1 you spend plus other Platinum privileges. 15.95% 15.95% 4.99% Up to 55 days $175 Apply for the BNZ Visa Platinum

After a low interest rate credit card? Low interest credit cards offer on-going low interest rates. Visit our low interest credit cards page to view a list of New Zealand low interest rate credit cards.