ASB Visa Light Credit Card

ASB Visa Light Credit Card

The ASB Visa Light credit card has no annual fee and the lowest purchase rate of all the ABS cards of just 13.50%. It also has 0% on balance transfered for 6 months. This card might be suitable for you if you are struggling to pay off your credit card debt or intend to accumulate a significant credit card debt.

Main Features

  • Purchase Rate: 13.50%
  • Cash Advance Rate: 22.95%
  • Balance Transfer: 0% for 6 months
  • Annual Fee: $0.00
  • Interest Free Days: 55 days*
  • Card Reward Details: Not offered
  • Credit Limit: Not defined
IMPORTANT: please review the credit card details on the provider's website again before applying.

You have to be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, and have a good credit history to apply for and be approved for a Credit Card with most New Zealand banks. Your eligibility for a credit card would depend on a few criteria listed below. When you apply for a card, the bank would ask you a few questions about these criteria to determine your eligibility.

  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Debts
  • Assets
  • Savings
  • Investments

Documents Required

In general, the following documents are usually required for credit card applications.

Proof of Income

One of the following:
  • your most recent payslip or salary notice
  • copies of bank statements that show your pay or salary deposits
  • a letter from your employer confirming your income
  • an Inland Revenue Department (IRD) “summary of earnings” notice.
If you’re self-employed, you must supply:
  • signed financial statements for the past two years
  • a signed personal Statement of Financial Position
  • your personal tax return.

Proof of Identity

A copy of one or two items from List A. If you provide only one item from List A, you must also provide one item from List B.

List A

  • Current passport
  • New Zealand drivers licence
  • 18+ card
  • Photo Credit Card

List B

  • Most recent bank statement
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Community services card
  • Club or society card.
*Note: If you are looking for a low interest rate credit card, you can compare all the low interest rate credit cards listed on this website on our low interest rate credit cards page. Low interest rate credit cards are cards with purchase rates lower than usual (below 15%) and might be suitable for people who do not expect to pay off their credit card balance each month.

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