Terms and Conditions

CreditCardsCompare.co.nz is a 100% free to use New Zealand owned credit card comparison site. We try to keep the information on our site up to date but it is likely that in some cases information presented on our site might not be up to date as such we make no guarantee that information presented on our site is 100% correct or up to date. Please check the credit card details again on the credit card provider’s site before purchasing.

We have made efforts to include as many credit card providers as possible in our site but some credit card providers might be missing from our site. We will continue to search and add more credit card providers to make sure our list is comprehensive.

We might receive commission from credit card providers for purchases made through our site but this does not influence our tabular comparison of the different credit card types. Our goal is to help you find the best credit card that suites you and as such, we allow you to sort and compare the different credit card types as you choose on our site.

You must carefully read the terms and conditions of each credit card on the credit card provider site before purchasing a credit card. We offer no warranty for the information provided on our site.

Privacy Policy

We consider your privacy extremely important. We do not collect any personal information about our visitors however, like most sites online we collect non-personality identifiable traffic data on our site. When a visitor visits our site we collect basic traffic information such as referral data, browser information, search terms etc which used for analysis and to improve the quality of our site.